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May 24, 2024   We've put up our June Issue of "Armor Bits" today, so check it out.
April 27th   Stan has finished the May Issue of "Armor Bits", which contains info and pics from the AMPS International Convention in South Bend.
March 27th   Today we've posted the April issue of the club's newsletter, "Armor Bits".

Also, there is NO club meeting for April due to the AMPS International Show & Convention.  Hope to see all of you in South Bend.
February 24th Courtesy of Chuck A, we have posted his photos taken at the 2024 AMPS Atlanta/Atlanta Military Figure Society Model Show.

  Also, Stan has finished the March issue of "Armor Bits".
January 27th     The February issue of our "Armor Bits" Club Newsletter is available already.  Click on the link if you want to check it out. 
January 2, 2024   Happy New Year to everyone!  As usual, we have the new January Newsletter from Stan right on time.  So, check it out by clicking on the link to the left. 
November 28, 2023   Today, we've posted the December Issue of the chapter's "Armor Bits" newsletter. 
October 31st   It's "spooky" how consistent Stan is able to get out these newsletters each month. To the left is the link to our November club newsletter. Enjoy.
September 22nd   Stan is on the ball and has already completed the October issue of our "Armor Bits" club newsletter. If you haven't seen it yet, here's your chance.
August 31st   The September issue of our "Armor Bits" club newsletter is now available.  You may click the PDF icon above to view it.
August 2nd   Today, we've posted the August "Armor Bits" club newsletter.  Check it out by clicking on the PDF icon above.
June 29th   Two newsletters in one month.  A bonus!  Anyway, we've posted the July issue of our "Armor Bits" Newsletter.
June 2nd   Here's a copy of June's club Newsletter via Stan.  Enjoy!
April 27th   Like clockwork, Stan has gotten us the May Issue of the "Armor Bits" Newsletter. To read it, click on the PDF logo to the left.
March 30th   Stan has finished the April Issue of our "Armor Bits" Newsletter.  As always, we've put it up on the website.  So, just click on the PDF logo to the left and you can check it out.
February 24th   It seems like only yesterday we got the last newsletter.  However, with the short month we already have our March edition available.  Enjoy.
January 29, 2023   Here's our February 2023 issue of the "Armor Bits" Newsletter. Check it out.
December 31, 2022 As a great ending to this year, we have the January 2023 issue of the "Armor Bits" Newsletter. Enjoy and we hope you have a great New Year!
November 27th Stan has gotten the December issue of our "Armor Bits" Newsletter done, despite the Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy!
October 24th Stan has prepared the November issue of our "Armor Bits" Newsletter. So, here it is for your perusal.
September 1st The September issue of "Armor Bits" Newsletter is a special edition celebrating our club's 15th Anniversary.  To view it, click on the PDF link to the left.
August 29th We've posted almost 150 photos taken at The Museum of Polish Miltary Technology courtesy of Sean Lynch.
July 27th The August issue of our "Armor Bits" club Newsletter is available. As always, click on the PDF link to the left, to take a looksee.
June 26th Here's the latest issue of the "Armor Bits" club Newsletter; July to be precise. To check it out it, just click on the PDF link to the left.
May 31st Right on schedule, we have posted the June Issue of the "Armor Bits" club Newsletter. To check it out it, just click on the PDF link to the left.
April 29th We have the most current "Armor Bits" club Newsletter up, which is for May. To check it out it, just click on the PDF link to the left.
March 27th Today we have our latest issue of the "Armor Bits" club Newsletter which covers April. To see it, just click on the PDF link to the left and you'll be to read it.
March 1st Following last month, we've added our March Newsletter today.  As before, click on the PDF link to the left and you'll be able to check it out.
January 26, 2022 Starting this year, we've decided to make our club Newsletters available on the website.  So, here's our first installment, the February 2022 edition.  Click on the PDF link to the left and you'll be able to take a look at it.
December 13, 2021 Here's the photos from our December "Holiday" Meeting and visit to our second home; "The Rock" for Lunch.  Thanks to Chuck and Stan for the pics.  Also, we've added our meeting schedule for 2022.
October 11th We had our first meeting back in the Cantigny First Division Museum Library/Resource Center and the turnout was great, including a large number of kit builds.  Here's the photos from the meeting courtesy of Chuck.
September 14th Following quickly after the AMPS Super Regional, we've had our September Meeting at Dan T's.  Home.  Here's the link to the pics, as always, via Chuck.
August 26th Well, the 2021 AMPS "Super Regional" Show is done and in the books.  Thanks to Chuck, we have some photos covering the people and venue.  Also, congratulations to Vic for winning "Best of Show", an impressive feat.
July 14th We've put up the photos from our July 2021 Club Meeting, via Chuck.
June 16th Today we've posted the photos from our June 2021 Club Meeting, courtesy of Stan.
May 11th That's two months in a row that we've been able to get together in person!  ...And here's a link to the photos to prove it via Chuck:  May 2021 Club Meeting.
April 11th Finally, we met again in person this month.  It was nice seeing everyone, although with us all masked, it was sometimes hard to figure out who was who.  Anyway, here's the photos from the meeting courtesy of Chuck:  April 2021 Club Meeting.
February 14th We had our latest meeting via ZOOM again, but as a nice benefit it included some of our long-distance orphans. Also with ZOOM, we were able to include pics of some of our members' work areas. Here's the photos from the meeting courtesy of our modelers:  February 2021 Club Meeting.
January 10, 2021 With the pandemic still in full-swing, we had a virtual meeting via ZOOM; courtesy of new chapter head-honcho, Stan. Here's the photos from the meeting, as always, courtesy of Chuck:  January 2021 Club Meeting.
November 9, 2020 This month we met again, but inside the Medill Room in the visitor's center of Cantigny Park.  The room was huge and we were able to keep some space between us all  Here's the photos from the meeting, as always, courtesy of Chuck:  November 2020 Club Meeting.
October 14th With the success of our 1st "socially distanced" meeting last month, we were able to do it again for October.  And to prove it, here's photos from the meeting, courtesy of Chuck:  October 2020 Club Meeting.
September 21st After a LONG hiatus due to the Covid, we were finally able to get together for an outside meeting.  Thanks to Chuck, we have photos from our September 2020 Club Meeting.
March 23rd    Courtesy of Chad, we've put up a written demo of his technique for working with Fruili metal tracks. Click the PDF logo at the left of this message to see it.
February 13th Chuck's back!  Here's his photos of our February 2020 Club Meeting.
January 19, 2020 Courtesy of the Stan-imal, we have some photos of our January 2020 Club Meeting.
December 17, 2019 Via Club Photographer Chuck, we have photos of our December Meeting & Holiday Party.
September 9th Courtesy of Club Historian Chuck, we have photos of our September Meeting as well as our "field trip" to the Russell Military Museum.
August 13th Stepping in again, Stan has provided some photos from our August 2019 Club Meeting.
June 11th Chuck's back in the saddle and has provided us with our "normal" June meeting pics.  However, we also have a bonus selection of photos he took during our club "field trip" to the First Division Museum's Motor Pool. And, speaking of which, thanks to the FDM and Ian (shop manager) for allowing us to see everything!
May 14th Thanks to Stan "The Man", we have some photos to share from our May 2019 Club Meeting.
April 14th We're on a roll with more photos from our April 2019 Club Meeting, courtesy of the Chuckster.
March 12th Getting back to posting our shenanigans, here's photos from our March 2019 Club Meeting, courtesy of Chuckie Beertown.
January 15, 2019 With the new year, we keep on rolling with more photos.  Here's the pics from the January 2019 Club Meeting via Chuck.
December 11, 2018 Chuck's back on the camera again.  He took photos at our December Meeting & Holiday Party.
October 16th Courtesy of not-Chuck, but Stan, here's photos of our October Meeting.
September 11th Here's a link to photos of our September Meeting and build session courtesy of, yup, Chuck.
August 13th We're on a roll with photos from our meetings, thanks to Chuck.  Here are the pics from our August Meeting.
July 17th Club photographer Chuck, is back with pics of our July Meeting.
June 14th Courtesy of the Stanimal, we have pics from our June Meeting.
April 16th Today we've put up the photos taken at our April meeting, which include the results of the club's 1/48 Tamiya Stug III Ausf. G (Early) build project.
March 12th We've just posted model photos taken at our March 2018 club meeting.  Enjoy.
January 27, 2018 Better late than never, but we've got our 2018 meeting schedule set. For more info on dates/times, please check out our club meetings page.
December 12, 2017 Happy Holidays to everyone from the AMPS Chicagoland Model Club!   Here's a link to pics from our December Club Meeting/Holiday Party.
October 24th    We are proud to announce our new club sponsor, MicroWorld Games, LLC. Thanks for the support Angel!
September 14th Thanks to Chuck Paparazzo, we continue to be able to post pics of our club meetings.  So, here's a link to pics from our September Club meeting.
August 8th Here's a link to pics of the August Club meeting, again courtesy of Chuck.
July 25th We're on a roll.  More photos courtesy of Chuck. Here's the pics from the July 2017 Club Meeting/Summer BBQ.
June 6th Courtesy of Club "Cruise Director" Chuck, here's some photos of the June 2017 Club Meeting.
February 11, 2017 It's been awhile since we posted any new pics, but here are a couple via Chuck.  These are from our February meeting.  The first shows Dan T. demonstrating the fine art of replicating water, ice and snow.  The second pic shows one of Dan's vignettes with all three forms of ground cover.
December 17, 2015 Here are the photos from our club's 9th Annual Holiday Party courtesy of Jeffy D.
December 15th We've added info about the 2017 World Model Expo on the website.  As of this date, our club will officially be participating in this once in a lifetime event.
November 21st Joel has sent us a couple photos from his recent trip to the Holy Land.  They've been added to his Gallery.
October 25th Courtesy of Jerry, we have some photos of our October meeting, including stunning work by Bill H., Dan T. and Victor(y) H.
May 17th Today we've put up a new hyperlink to the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation in our "links" section.  The foundation is the organization that is raising funds for the construction of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia.  Besides other artifacts, that museum will eventually house and display the armor collection once held at the Patton Musuem at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.
May 12th By now we've finally collected our wits after the 2015 AMPS International Convention in Auburn, Indiana. Thanks to all our crew for helping with the success of the show, from staffing many of the main team positions, volunteering to judge, and helping out with many other important tasks.  Without your help, the show would not have been possible.

Also, we should be proud of the large number of awards won by our outstanding modelers that call AMPS Chicagoland "home". Most impressive was the fact that chapter members Victor, Chuck and Tom won three "Best of" awards of the twelve available.  Here are photos of those winning models, courtesy of the AMPS Mothership:

         Congrats to Victor, Chuck and Tom!
January 6, 2015 We've set up our 2015 meeting schedule, so for more info on dates/times, please check out our club meetings page.
September 14, 2014   This month, we celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the creation of AMPS Chicagoland.  The photo to left was taken at Pat's House on September 8, 2007 and includes our founding members. From Left to Right: John W, Chad, Jeff D., John N. Chuck, Tom, Paul, Sean, Jeff J. and Ron (with Pat Behind the Camera).  Congrats guys and here's looking to another 7 more years hanging around with you all!

April 13th

Based upon the last couple meetings, we've decided to participate officially in NIMCON 3, hosted by the IPMS/USA Lakes Region Scale Modelers.  For more info, please use the hyperlink above.  Thanks to the "Lakes Boys" for inviting us!

  Also, here's a photo of the April club meeting courtesy of Chris B.

January 23rd

We've put up some photos of our January 2014 meeting held at Dan T's house.  Thanks to Chuck and Jeff D. for providing the photos

December 12, 2013

On December 7th we celebrated our 7th Annual Holiday Party at Chuck's house.  Check out this link for photos of our party, courtesy of Joel.

November 10th

Thanks to the generous guys at the IPMS/USA Butch O'Hare club for hosting a great show and providing us with a very nice club display table for our models.  You guys rock!

January 3, 2013

We've got our 2013 meeting schedule set, so for more info on dates/times, please check out our club meetings page.

December 6, 2012

On December 1st we celebrated our 6th Annual Holiday Party at Chuck's house.  Check out this link for photos of that celebration, also courtesy of Chuck.

March 13, 2012

Today, we've put up photos from our January 2012 and March 2012 meetings.

February 14, 2012

In January, we enacted a Membership Dues requirement for the club.  Information about that requirement can be now found in the "About Us" section.

December 29, 2011

We had our 5th Annual Holiday Party, hosted by "Mr. F'ing Friendly" (Chuck).  As always, a great time was had by all.  Also courtesy of Chuck, are photos from the meeting/party/contest/deathbuild.

July 7th

We've added a link to a Modeling Technique Video (via YouTube) by John Vojtch of UMM USA called, "Scribing with SCR-01 Part 1: Re-scribing raised and recessed panel lines - Deburring, Carving, Scraping, and Piercing technique" , which you can find on our catch-all Club Meeting/Event Photos page.

June 7th

Photos from our June 4th Club Meeting are up for your viewing pleasure.

March 10th

We've added photos from our February 5th meeting, as well as more photos to our "Member's Model Gallery".

February 25th

We've added a page to our website that highlights the models of our members, not surprisingly called the "Member's Model Gallery".  Enjoy.

January 9, 2011

Once again, we had our annual Holiday Party, hosted by "Mr. Friendly" (Chuck).  As always, a great time was had by all.  Also courtesy of Chuck, are photos from the meeting/party/contest/deathbuild.

October 15, 2010

We would like to welcome our first club sponsor, John Vojtech's Unique Master Models-USA!  UMM-USA specializes in carrying high quality model tools and kits from the Czech Republic.  Please thanks John and support UMM-USA!

October 8th

We've gotten our 2011 club meeting dates from the First Division Museum, so we've updated the "Club Meetings" page with that info.

August 23rd

We've added photos from our August 14th Club meeting.  Pics as usual, from Brother Chuck.
August 7th

Courtesy of Rob Goldman (AMPS Chicagoland - Waaaayyyy East Affiliate), we have some photos of Brother Joel's trip to Armoured Corps Museum - Latrun, Israel.

Also, please note that we've moved our "wheeled fighting vehicle" club contest to December's meeting.  That also means our next contest ("WW II Mediterranean Theatre" theme) will be pushed back into 2011 (TBD).
July 11th We've updated our "links" section to include a newer listing of our brother AMPS Chapters.
June 29th We've added photos from our June 2010 meeting; Thanks to Chuck once again.

Also, we've moved our club "Wheeled Vehicle" Contest back a month to August as everyone is a bit behind on their projects.
May 25th Chuck has once again taken photos from our latest (May) Club Meeting and they're up for your viewing pleasure.
May 4th We've updated some of the info on the site, including Model Show news.  And, we've added some photos of the 2010 AMPS International Convention.  
February 16th Courtesy of Cap'n Ron Damratowski and John Lees (The Earl of Elgin), we have photos up of our February meeting.
January 18th Again, courtesy of Chuck, we have photos up of our January meeting.
January 7, 2010 Happy New Year to everyone. 

We've finally got our meeting dates for 2010 at Cantigny's First Division Museum.  Check out the Club Meeting section of this website for specifics.  Please note that April has no scheduled meeting date.  The only Saturday we could get into the FDM was on 4/24, which is the same weekend as the International Show.  So, we just cancelled the meeting.
December 29, 2009 Photos of the 2009 Christmas party are up.  Check them out here.

Also, we've listed the details of our January 2010 meeting too.
October 11th New Club Member, Mugsy, sends his photos from the Armoured Corps Museum - Latrun, Israel.
August 11th The 3rd Annual Club Christmas Party has been finalized for December 12th.  Check out the details at the Club Meeting page
July 21st We had a great meeting at Bob's house this past Saturday.  Thanks for letting us hang out at your place Te-Kita.  Here are some photos from the meeting
July 16th We've added a Hyperlink to the online shop (Cafe Press) that sells AMPS-Chicagoland Products (Including the Infamous Aleshire Hoodie).  Go to our "Links" page to find the order button.
July 13th The Club Meeting Dates have been finally set for August through December.  Check out the schedule at the Club Meeting page
May 1st We've Finally gotten time to put up some photos from the 2009 AMPS International Show.  CHeck 'em out.
March 19th More Club Photos are up; This time from our March Meeting.
February 2, 2009 We've finalized our Club Contests.  See the Club Meeting page for more info.
December 16, 2008 We've created a section to display photos of our club meetings and events.  That's good timing as we now have photos from our 2nd Annual Club Christmas Party there.
December 9th We've finalized our January Meeting location and schedule.  See the Club Meeting page for more info.
November 23rd Our 2009 Meeting schedule has been finalized.  See the Club Meeting page for more info.
October 14th Our Club Christmas Party has been finalized.  See the Club Meeting page for more info.
August 20th Sounding like a broken record... after discussing our December "Artillery" model contest, we decided that it was best to push it back to January 2009 (mostly due to moving the "SoftSkin" contest back a month before that).
July 27th First off, after discussing our upcoming AUGUST "soft skin" model contest, we decided that it was best to push that back to September instead.

Also, we've added a hyperlink to honorary AMPS-Chicagoland member Gerry Chester's website:  North Irish Horse/Tanks of the Royal Armoured Corps

June 3 Added today are a number of new Hyperlinks, including some new military museum listings as well as links for club member modeling Companies Anubis Creations and  Modeler's Warehouse (Home of WARPIGS modeling pigemnts)
May 16 I've put up the Club meeting dates for July through December 2008 in the Club Meeting Section.
April 22 More Photos from the AMPS International show are available Here
April 16 Well, we're back from the 2008 AMPS International Show.   We had a great time and met some awesome people too.  Here are some photos that were snapped by some of our members.  Enjoy.
March 4 First, I've put up the Internal Club Model Contest Schedule for this year.  See it at the "Club Meetings" Section.

Second, the boys are back in town from the Madison IPMS/USA model contest with some major hardware.   Congratulations on the great showing!!  Here is a quick rundown of how the guys did:

Chuck Aleshire

Best Model: Show Theme Award "Luck in War" (1/35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound Dio "Lucky Break")

1st Place: Armored Car/Halftrack Category (1/35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound)

1st  Place: Artillery Category (1/35 Trumpeter s.F.H. 18  15cm Howitzer)

1st Place: Military Diorama Category ("Berlin Surprise" Dio)

Chad Clark

3rd Place: Military Diorama Category

Ron Damratowski

3rd Place: Allied Armor - British? Category (1/35 Kitbashed Sherman 'Firefly' Mk IC)

John Napolitan

2nd Place: Tigers/Panthers Category (1/35 AFV Club Pzkfw VI Tiger I Ausf E. -late Version)

John Wendt

3rd Place: Russian Tracked Vehicles Category (1/35 Trumpeter KV-1 Model 1940 Tank)

February 28 The First Division at Cantigny Park (our meeting place Sponsor) is looking for help on restoring their M41A3 Walker Bulldog and M60 Patton Tank.  Anyone able to help should contact Patrick.

Also, some of 'da boys are going up to the 3/1 model show up in Madison.  Good luck to them and have a safe Trip.

January 31, 2008 It has been a long time since we posted something up, however we're going strong and with us no news is usually good news.  Anyway, we finally got our meeting schedule from the First Division Museum and I've posted that in the "Club Meetings" section.
November 27, 2007 Since we are affiliated with Armor Modeling and Preservation Society we'd like to help support AMPS as best We can.  Therefore, We've put up hyperlinks to all of the other AMPS Chapters (which have websites).  Check them out in the links section.
November 23rd First, we hope you've had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday!   Second, we've finalized our January 2008 meeting.  For more info click here.
November 12th  

On Saturday, November 10th, Chapter members helped man the AMPS National booth at the IPMS/USA Butch O'Hare (Illinois) Model Show and Swap meet.  We had a great time and want to thank the boys at the Butch O'Hare club for their assistance and hospitality.

October 17th We are proud to announce That we've found a permanent meeting place; the 1st (US Infantry) Division Museum at Cantigny Park - Wheaton, IL.  For Info on meeting dates and times, go here.
October 4th Reminder - 2nd Chapter meeting coming up this Saturday, October 6th.  More info at the "Club Meetings" section.
September 18th AMPS - Chicagoland's club website is up and running!
September 8, 2007 We had our first/Inaugural Club Meeting at Patrick Keenan's house in Aurora, IL.  Besides getting to know one another, we discussed club business and what we all expect of a club.  11 people were in attendance.