AMPS - Chicagoland Model Club


Photos Taken at the


February 2020 Club Meeting

February 8, 2020

Photos courtesy of Chuck

Chuck's 1/72 Takom Object 279 Vignette Lee's "really cool" shivering Roman Legionnaire atop Hadrian's Wall in Britain Wishbone Bob's 1/35 Vietnam Grunt Figgie And another from Bob, a 1/35 Academy Stuart "Honey" One more? Sure. It's Bob's 1/35 DML Marder II Project
Tommy's uniquely camouflaged 1/35 DML Panzer IV F1  And Tom's 1/35 new Tamiya Panzer 38t Bill's in progress 1/35 Tamiya Panzer III L & Dragon King Tiger Here's Joe's ancient 1/35 Peerless-Max Dodge Ambulance Project And Joe's 1/35 US Higgins Boat & German "Biber"? Sub