AMPS - Chicagoland Model Club

DA rules

IF you would like to join the AMPS – Chicagoland Chapter you must agree to follow da rules below.  Violation of these rules can be grounds for removal/refusal from the club (specifically rules #4, 5, 7 & 8).

They are:


AMPS – Chicagoland TEN (10) Commandments

 1.     We LOVE Tanks, military ground vehicles, ordnance and figures.

 2.     Thou shall NOT take this hobby or yourself too seriously.

 3.     Thou shall have fun and enjoy yourself at the meetings.

 4.     Thou shall “play nice with others”.  This means…

 5.     Thou shall be respectful of others and any difference of opinions.

 6.     Although, thou shall NOT have to agree to with others or their


 7.     Thou shall NOT criticize anyone or their models.

 8.     Thou shall only provide constructive comments WHEN requested.

 9.     Thou shall NOT disallow anyone from joining the club based upon

          race, color, religion, national origin or politics. 

10.     Do you remember us saying thou shall have fun??



Created and accepted by the AMPS – Chicagoland Membership On the 14th day of September, in the year of the Lord 2007