AMPS - Chicagoland Model Club

Photos from the

AMPS 2010 International Show

April 22-24, 2010: WWII Victory Museum - Auburn, Indiana USA

(Photos Courtesy of club members as well as Dave O'Meara and Dave Manter)

The People
Group Shot #1 'Sean-io' Displaying His Next Week's Menu Sean "enjoying" his S-Rations Presentation of Honorary Club Membership to Bruce Culver Pat and Chuck with AFV Club Representative Chun
The Candyman and Sooner John doing a shift in the Judging area Another judging area action shot Group Shot #2 Chuck and Sean attempting to look "busy"  
The Models
  The Club Table with Model Display   The Club's Cantigny Model Display  
Chuck's Japanese Chi-Ri Heavy Tank Chuck's DAK Opel Blitz Truck Chuck's Italian P40 Heavy Tank Chuck's German Panzerjager Triebwagen 51 Train Car The Generalisimo's "Half-Truck"
The Generalisimo's D9 Bulldozer D9 Bulldozer #2 Bill's M54 Gun Truck Bill's Guntruck #2 Brian's JagdTiger
Brian's T-62 MBT Brian's French Char B1 bis Joel's 1/72 IDF Centurion S'hot Kal Joel's 1/72 S'hot #2